Grow your online business and expand into who you want to be


Are you…

  • Wanting to expand but feeling stuck on the hamster wheel + trying to do ‘all the things’?

  • Getting distracted by shiny objects?

  • Wishing that there was an easier way?

  • Feeling like things are okay but ready for them to be freaking amazing?


Are you spending hours and hours trying to grow your business, yet
feeling like you aren’t getting the results you are looking for?


Are you disheartened by the amount of time it takes to build a sustainable business?


Are you looking at others around you + wondering how they make it look so easy?


Do you know that you are playing smaller than you should be but don’t quite know how to get out of the cycle?


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I understand how you are feeling right now -

I can feel my heart rate rising thinking about what jumping in with two feet felt like. It’s frustrating when you feel like you are spinning your wheels, like nothing you have to say is good enough, powerful enough, impactful enough.

I want you to know that you are safe here. That what you have to say doesn’t always have to be life changing (so release the pressure) and that you can show up with ease + grace + power - all at the same time.

The #shineyourtruth movement was born out of the necessity for me to show others the way. I didn’t know how I was going to do it (or what I was going to say), but I knew that my passion + purpose was to enrich the lives of everyone that I could.

Creating a community allowed me to connect, support + empower women from all over the world…what I was not expecting was discovering how beneficial being the leader and showing others the way can benefit your business + your brand.

It wasn’t always easy.
I didn’t always know what to say.
I searched for a solution that would allow me to connect in deeper ways.

I knew that I needed a system in place to allow me to continue to show up + connect in unique and impactful ways. I wanted a system that I could follow that would be a no brainer on the days that I didn’t feel like showing up.

Because showing up with consistency = consistent flow of clients = increased impact = increased profit.

Imagine your life when...

  • You have a booked out one on one coaching practice.

  • You are travelling the world doing what you love most.

  • You are speaking on a stage you always dreamed about.

  • Your book is on the best selling authors list.

  • You are launching your first ever group program
    (and there’s people in line with their credit card!)

  • You are leading retreats.

  • You are the ‘go to’ person in your industry.

  • You earn money while you sleep.


and more…

Everything you dream about is possible.

You’ve seen the people you look up to taking powerful +
brave action but you aren’t sure where to start.

You understand the importance of showing up with intention
yet creating a plan feels challenging.

You know that you have been playing small…
and you are ready to step into your power.




Grow your online business and expand into who you want to be

I will show you…

  • 100 actions that you can take to grow your online business in a profitable + sustainable way.

  • How to plan it out in a systematic way so that you can accomplish it with ease.

  • How to use the system so that you have a constant flow of ideas + can expand this strategy as your business grows.

  • How to create maximum impact without hustling + working 24/7.



What’s Included :


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100 unique ideas of brave actions that you can take to grow your online business

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A beautifully designed Trello board for you to organize your strategy with ease

Business Bravery Preview (5).png

Audio clips that are paired with each brave action to give you additional ideas + inspiration

Business Bravery Preview (4).png

Training on how to use the system, the benefits, and how you can maximize your efforts

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A PDF with all 100 ideas categorized into like concepts because organization increases impact


All for only $27!

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you’re ready for business bravery if you:

  • Want to grow + scale your business in a meaningful way

  • Are ready to have a strategy that inspires you to connect

  • Are looking to create an abundance of income

  • Believe in what you have to offer and how you can impact lives around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the materials?

Immediately after purchase you will get a link to all of the things that you need !

What if I am not organized?

The beauty of this system is that it’s organized for you + comes with a full training on how to use it. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be golden!

What if I need more support?

The system includes an invitation to the Shine Your Truth Community where you can gather with like minded business women taking brave action every day.

I also am a Business Coach + Mentor and I would love to work with you in deeper ways! You can learn more at:

What if I decide this isn’t a good fit for me?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase if you take action + find that it doesn’t help you grow your business.

Are you ready to dive in?


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