5 Ways To Create An Engaged Facebook Group

Having an engaged Facebook Group can be the difference between you having a steady flow of clients and being worried about where your next client is coming from. Social media is a powerful way that we can connect more deeply with our soul mate clients and really create a ripple effect of impact for those that we serve.

5 Ways To Create An Engaged Facebook Group

Having a Facebook Community is not for everyone, but if you've been on the fence about starting one and you're not sure if it's worth your time - I wanted to share 5 Ways to Create an Engaged Facebook Group to make sure that it is!

1) Create Routine Posts

People love routine and knowing what to expect from the things that they are involved in! Having set days where they can share information or get help on a problem they are having really makes a difference + encourages them to show up more regularly.

For example: In the Shine Your Truth Community we have themes for each day (in addition to other content, of course). Friday Introductions allows the community to share about themselves + their businesses. Share Saturday allows the community to share about any free or paid offers that they are having in their business right now. Soul Sunday increases the conversation around self care + nourishing ourselves - because if we don't, we can't show up powerfully in other areas in our lives.

Having routine enables the members to know when and where to show up so that the community is a space that they feel benefits them in many different ways and gives you extra margin to create less content but make it more powerful because you don’t feel like you need to show up each and every day.

Use routine posts as a way to take the pressure off of having to create new content every day if that feels like it creates a lot of pressure for you and instead show up in the most meaningful ways possible.

2) Engage With Your Group

I know this might seem obvious but I cannot tell you the number of times that someone has told me - 'I just don't understand why my community isn't growing' - yet they only engage with their group members sporadically. Set aside time each and every day that you can go into the community and respond to comments and engage with members. There is nothing worse than sharing your thoughts on a thread and not getting feedback or validation in regards to something that you have written (especially if you have a question). Responding to every comment also increases engagement and allows the members of the group to see the posts within the community more easily.

3) Survey Your Members

There is no one size fits all approach to building a Facebook Community (or to anything for that matter). It's important to learn about what the members of your community want. You can do this through Facebook polls, surveys, or talking to your members. I find that the absolute best way to know what your members want is to connect. Pop into their inbox and ask them, ask your current clients, do coffee chats + really get to know people. The most engaging Facebook Groups feature content that the members really want because if they like what you are sharing they are most likely to leave a comment or hit the like or love button.

4) Speak From Your Heart

This one can be tough because it's vulnerable, it's scary, it's intimidating, to share what's on your heart. It's really easy to share quotes or articles/blogs other people have written that you resonate with and that you feel your members will love (and throwing them in now and then is absolutely okay).

You want to share your content, your message, your truth, because that is what will connect with people and show your authentic voice + truth. Detach yourself from the outcome and know that consistent sharing is what will help your community grow when it is shared from a beautiful and authentic place.

5) Know That It Takes Time + Consistency

Starting anything new requires commitment + dedication. Give yourself grace in the process and be sure to recognize that building an engaging community takes time (but the rewards are totally worth it!). Take the pressure off to grow your community from zero to 1,000 in a week and instead focus your energy into who is there and not who is not.

Also know that sometimes people just don't see your post - that absolutely happens with the way that Facebook can show up in people's feed. It's not that what you have to say isn't valuable or worthy - it's just that people aren't seeing it at that particular time (and that's okay). I'm a firm believer in trusting that the right people will see your post at the perfect time for them and it will be way more impactful. Know that when you open yourself up and are grateful for all that is there - more will come to you.

If you're struggling with reaching your ideal clients through your community I would love to partner with you in creating a plan that helps you integrate your passion with your purpose to increase profit in your business in a heart-centered way.

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