4 Tools To Increase Connection With Your Clients

Connecting in the online space can be challenging if you are spinning your wheels and trying to be everywhere. It can lead to frustration, burn out, and lack of connection with your clients. When you show up from a place of desperation in trying to make it all work, you are working against the wall of resistance instead of opening yourself up to riding the waves and moving with the ebbs and flows of business and life.

Business has ups and downs - absolutely. But it doesn’t have to be so dang hard all of the time. You can create abundance in your business without working all hours of the day and night and running yourself into the ground. You don’t have to hustle hustle hustle - in fact, I recommend that you don’t!

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Creating systems and processes in your business can
give you the freedom and the income that you desire.

It will allow you to really be intentional about the actions that you are taking and leave behind the things that don’t meet your goals.

Through working with women over the past 5 years, I have tested out many different tools that you can use to optimize your business. I truly believe that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to all businesses, but the tools I am going to talk about today are ones that can be beneficial no matter what your online business is.


Trello is an amazing platform that you can use to do pretty much anything organization in your business. You can use it as part of your client relationship system, a place to on board clients, keep track of your appointments, plan your content, organize your schedule, automate different parts of your business, communicate with your team, plan your blog posts - literally anything!!

The more efficient you are in your business, the more time you are able to spend connecting with your clients and future clients in more meaningful ways. Learn more about Trello + what it can do here!


Acuity is a scheduling program that you can use to schedule appointments with your clients. You can avoid sending multiple emails or messenger messages back and forth while trying to convert time zones and make sure you both show up in the same location at the same time. Your clients can also pay through Acuity, thus avoiding awkward money conversations and getting paid before you do the work. Clients can schedule free calls to learn more about what it would be like to work with you and you can set up calls with members of your team, too! And Acuity reminds your clients of the appointments they have scheduled with you so that you aren’t wasting time with no show appointments!

Overall, using a scheduling software like Acuity is low cost, saves you time and money, and helps you stand out as a professional. Check it out!

Smarter Queue

Smarter Queue is a program that allows you to schedule your content in advanced. I used to think that using a scheduling software made my words less authentic and genuine and that I would somehow be a fraud because I didn’t share my thoughts in real time. What I know now is that giving yourself the space to express your thoughts/feelings/emotions/truth through your words is the most powerful way to connect with your clients and ideal clients. Whether you write in the moment and share, write a whole bunch of content and share later, or continue to share over and over again - your words are your words.

Think about an author who writes a book and shares it for years to come - are those words any less meaningful or impactful? Do the words become less true? Of course not! Sometimes you are super inspired + can write a lot but don’t want to share it all at once - so write when you can and share when it makes sense.

In my blog post titled ‘5 Ways To Create Simplicity In Your Business’, I talked more about how automation can benefit your business. Smarter Queue helps you spread out your content on multiple social platforms, allows you to recycle posts and gives you the opportunity to connect over and over again.

Active Campaign

So you’ve heard time and time again that ‘you need to grow your email list’ - right? I think we’ve all heard it many, many times! Active Campaign gives you the opportunity to grow your list, engage in deeper conversations with your community, and also to sell with your heart to warm leads.

People who have signed up for your email list want something that you have, or resonate with you in some capacity, so having them in an organized place where you can share your work and impact them is super powerful. I love Active Campaign because it has a lot of functionality and is really user friendly!

I can’t wait for you to give some of these tools a try!

What other tools do you love to use in your business that you feel maximize the connection that you are able to have with your ideal clients? 

*Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! I only share what I personally use and trust.

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