Staying True To Yourself In Business

We have all been there - downloading all the freebies, watching all of the webinars, binging on podcasts or Youtube videos, endlessly scrolling Facebook - sinking into the culture of learning and flip flopping on our strategy what seems like every single day.

staying true to yourself in business. Jess Garay Business Mentor for women entrepreneurs

We feel like if we know just a little bit more, if we study just a little bit harder, if we gain a different perspective the magic will await on the other side.

What if I were to tell you that you know enough?

That you are qualified to do your work?

That you will inspire others with your brave + imperfect action?

That you will touch lives?

That you can create income with what you know now?

How would that feel for you?

Would it spark anxiety, make you feel free, give you courage, strength, power or make you want to curl up in a ball?

Whatever your reaction to that know that your reaction is normal and that there is no wrong way to feel.

We dive into learning seeking for clarity only to find that we are more confused then when we started because we lose ourselves in the process of looking outside of ourselves for the answers. Read that again: We lose ourselves in the process of looking outside of ourselves for the answers.

We forget what our message is because it’s overshadowed by the voices of others.

We question if what we have to offer is powerful enough, honest enough, smart enough.

We become discouraged rather than encouraged.

Know that there is a balance between getting inspiration from others and not losing yourself in the process, and that you can stay true to yourself while learning from others.

I want to share 5 things that you can do to be sure that you are tuning into your own voice along the way. Being intentional about these actions in your business and life should be of your highest priority.


Sit. Write. Explore your feelings on paper. Let the words flow out. If you’re not sure where to even start - ask yourself a question to explore.

Some common journal prompts that I use are:

  • What am I feeling resistance around?

  • What is the impact that I am looking to make - am I on the right track?

  • What feels unclear or muddy in my mind?

  • What am I doing well/what am I struggling with/what can I release?

Social Media Fast

Social Media is something that can be incredibly helpful + a necessary part of business, if you have boundaries around it. There is absolutely a time and place for social media, but it’s also something that can become a pattern or daily habit rather than a tool to grow your business. Put a pause on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat (and yes I do realize how crazy this sounds!), and give yourself the opportunity to hear your own voice. Taking an afternoon off of social may give you more clarity then you could ever imagine.

Get Rest

In business there is a common misconception that hustling or working harder will lead to ultimate success, when in reality working harder can lead to lack of ambition, lack of motivation, burnout, and more inaction if you fight against resistance for too long. We can all work hard at something for a period of time, but repeating this behaviour time and time over will lead to you crashing and burning. It is possible to incorporate more ease and flow into your business and your life and feeling that alignment with your work can increase your productivity and profit.

Keep It Simple

Be sure to honour yourself and the Season that you are in as you get knowledge from those around you - focus on the things that will help you expand yourself personally and in your business and release the things that are distracting you from your goals, dreams + vision.

Create simplicity in your business (here are 5 ways to create simplicity in your business ), so that you can be intentional about the actions you take on a regular basis.

Get The Support That You Need

We all need support in our lives, but entrepreneurship adds a whole other layer of necessary support. You don't have to do business alone - in fact I really recommend that you don't! Surround yourself with communities that understand you and family + friends that support you.

If you are looking for an amazing community of like minded entrepreneurs I invite you to join us in the Shine Your Truth Community.

Shine Your Truth is a heart-centered movement that combines a holistic approach to growth, where we uplift, inspire, and encourage the pursuit of profit and passion! Can't wait to see you there!