How to Nurture Yourself + Your Biz for Growth

We are the key to our growth, both personal and professionally. We have the power to choose the things that we allow into our world, the behaviours which we tolerate, the relationships with which we engage, the path through the future.


Are there curve balls? Absolutely.

Are there things that are out of our control? Yes.

Are there things that may be temporary or that shift over time? Of course.

But through it all some things remain constant - we have choices.

Sometimes choosing doesn’t always mean the best thing. Sometimes choosing means choosing the best of the options or the best for right now. Sometimes choosing means saying yes to something and saying no to something else.

We have the choice everyday to nurture ourselves and our businesses - through both large and small actions.

  • Personal development

  • Getting out in nature

  • Prioritizing the tasks that matter

  • Releasing the things that don’t

  • Nourishing our bodies through food and movement

  • Showing up in our businesses with consistency

  • Taking the path less travelled

I could go on and on…

But when we recognize the power of our choices we open up the opportunity to an abundance of more. When we give ourselves permission to choose, we empower ourselves to do more with intention.

Nurturing yourself and your business go hand in hand - when you nurture one, you nourish the other.

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