The Heart of the Shine Your Truth Movement


The Heart of the Shine Your Truth Movement comes from deep rooted experiences in connection with people. We all have experiences connecting with people … all throughout our lives - some of those connections are surface level, some are more intense, and some of them are conversations that shape the trajectory of your life + inspire you to shift into the beauty of the magic that surrounds you.

There is beauty and magic that surrounds all of us - we need to be open in the receiving of that energy and take courageous action to attract more of it into our worlds.

Shine Your Truth is about deeper conversations, taking brave action, impacting others, and being supported as you do.

Connection is where the answers lie and where you are able to achieve clarity in the direction that you are taking in your life + your business - connection is what makes us the humans that we are.

Shine Your Truth was created through my connection with others - both as a Business Coach + Mentor and as a Registered Nurse on an Oncology Ward. Having those tough conversations, taking a peek into the lives of others, seeing the regrets, the broken promises, the breakthroughs … and turning them into something meaningful.

This is about creating meaning for you in your life and in your business, and taking the brave action to create a ripple effect of impact for the world … because the world needs more of your love, your light + your gifts - this is about coming home to yourself + sharing that beauty with the world.

Here are some of the beautiful words that our community has shared about what ‘Shine Your Truth’ means to them. I encourage you to learn more about these amazing women + join us in the community if it feels good for you in this Season.

Being deeply connected to your unique essence, standing firm in who you are and showing up unapologetically YOU, as a living example of inner beauty! - Betty Shepard

Sharing your light, your raw, authentic truth, and loving yourself through it, unapologetically. - Teri Gosselin

Being you, not who others think you should be. - Jenn Beasley

Realizing that you, exactly as you were created to be, are beautiful. The only way we can stand out in this world and make an impact for the good is to use your own gifts and strengths to live life with authenticity and encourage others to do the same. And you want to know the really cool part? Shiny things reflect. When you shine, you encourage others around you to shine their truth too. - Tandy Hogate

Knowing, loving, and being confident in who you are where you are and letting that light shine authentically. Not hiding it in fear of judgement. - Brandi Sorensen

Being true to yourself and allowing yourself to be honest about what sets your soul on fire. Being brave and taking action before you feel ready. - Erin Alexander

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