5 Ways To Create Simplicity In Your Business

Creating simplicity in your business is an absolute must if growing a business that is sustainable, profitable and really creates the impact that you want to create in the world.

Less really is more when it comes to all areas of life, especially when it comes to your business! Simplicity breeds intention, inspiration, + impact.


Here are 5 ways that you can create simplicity in your business + set you on the path to fueling your passion, living your purpose + creating profit.

1) Eliminate

Release the things that no longer serve you in your business. Having an abundance of things in your business that no longer serve you really blocks the flow of abundance for the things that do. If you are trying to juggle too many balls all at once you are not stepping into your zone of genius, and you will feel like you are stretched in a million directions with little results. The things that you can eliminate will vary from person to person but common themes among clients I work with are: unnecessary/busy work tasks, subscriptions in your email inbox, social media platforms (I recently wrote in the Shine Your Truth Community about 'Why I Am Breaking Up With Instagram')

2) Unsubscribe

I mentioned your email inbox above which I think is an amazing place to start! The things that pull us away from the important tasks + create that feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out). This can apply across all social media channels as well. For example, are you following someone or something that drains your energy + depletes you? You have control of the outside influences that you allow into your world, and you have the ability to hit the block, delete, or remove button. Surround yourself with those that aspire you to be the best version of yourself and remove what doesn't. This will create a world of simplicity + abundance in your world.

3) Create a Schedule

Does the idea of creating a schedule make you cringe? After all, we went into entrepreneurship to have the freedom + flexibility of time, didn't we? Creating a schedule doesn't mean that you are 100% married to your schedule on a week to week basis, but knowing the general flow of when you want to have things happen + the time it requires is a really important shift that you can make in your business to make things a heck of a lot more simple! Do you want to see clients on Tuesday and Thursday mornings? Create a schedule around that so that your clients are able to book you during those particular times. Do you know that you are fresher + able to create good quality content in the morning versus later in the day? Make sure that you put your thinking tasks in the morning so that you are giving your best self to those tasks. Do you have a lot of personal appointments? What about making Wednesday your appointment day? Like to do a family outing each Friday? Block that off in your calendar as family day.

4) Delegate

When you have cleared the clutter + gotten rid of the things that no longer serve you in this season of your life and created intention within your schedule, you will have a clearer picture of what's left and the things that are important for you as the business owner to take on versus the things that you can delegate or outsource to someone else. When you look at your business - ask yourself - what are the things in my business that I *must* do and what are the things that if given to someone else to do will free up more time for me to increase my profit? If you haven't delegated or outsourced before - breathe - I know this can be super uncomfortable! You can start with a simple step - does creating graphics cause you stress? Drain your time and energy? You can have someone do this for you so that you can spend less time worrying about it, likely have a better-finished product, and give you time in your schedule to connect more deeply with those that you serve.

5) Automate

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, the idea of automating might make you feel uneasy (it used to make me uneasy too). I felt like automating = a lack of authenticity. I'm here to tell you if that's your struggle, that automation allows me to be more authentic - to really show up in a powerful way because when I write I am showing up in my zone of genius. When I know that things are happening in the background whether I am working or not it creates more ease and flow in my world. You don't have to be 'on' all the time to create a sustainable business - in fact - more ease + more flow equals increased sustainability because you are giving from a full cup, not trying to be #allthethings all the time. Something that shifted this for me immensely was thinking about authors. The words that they write are not any less meaningful or authentic because they share them months + years after they write them. Being really intentional about when you share gives margin for you to share your best work and to feel really aligned with how you are showing up in the world.

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