How Taking Brave Action Creates Profit In Your Business

When you think of taking brave action in your business - what are the emotions that bubble up for you? Is it fear? Excitement? A combination of both? Do you want to hide in a corner or curl up in a ball or does taking brave action make you feel accomplished? Empowered?

Whatever it is for you (and it may depend on the situation or what brave action that you are taking) know that you are not alone in your feelings. It may get easier with time and practice but also know that it might not - those butterflies may not go away but it’s an absolutely necessary part of growing your business and creating profit in your business.

How Taking Brave Action Creates Profit In Your Business by Jess Garay, Business Coach + Mentor

Brave action can encompass a wide variety of tasks or actions, and what you might consider to be brave for you may be different for someone else.

In my work as a Business Coach + Mentor for female entrepreneurs I have seen people step outside of their comfort zone in many different ways - none of these actions are any less brave than another action.

Starting a business, showing up everyday for your business + yourself - those are acts of courage and strength. And that in itself is brave action.

Creating profit in your business through brave action is taking that desire to have a business and show up everyday and transforming it into something that creates profit for you. Because what creates profit is consistent action and visibility over time. It’s not likely that someone will see you once and invest in the product or service you offer, but it they see you enough - they will take the leap of faith with you and invest in your business because they will see the value you offer + know that it is a good fit for them.

And when you take that brave action time and time over you have the opportunity to reach more people, change more lives and be compensated for the powerful work that you do.

I want you to feel empowered, I want you to feel brave, I want you to feel supported. I created my Business Breakthrough Intensives to assist you in creating clarity and an intentional path towards a business that lights you up, gets results, and allows you to feel in total alignment while leveraging your unique gifts + strengths. I created them to help you take brave action each and every day.

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