Hey I’m Jess!

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A Business Coach + Mentor dedicated to helping you be intentionally strategic and soulfully aligned in how you operate and show up in your business.  

I help ambitious entrepreneurs prioritize and implement their work so their greatest passions and goals are shared boldly and unapologetically with the world, creating roots of impact and positivity.

Growth is measured in terms of abundance, in how we feel inside, in how we impact our clients and those around us, and in how we can financially provide for our families.  My mission is to help you thrive in all ways that you know is possible, and create the change you want to see in the world.

In 2004, I made a decision that would forever change the way that I viewed life, and have never looked back. I enrolled in Nursing school because it seemed like an obvious choice for me; I wanted to help people, I wanted to connect, I wanted to heal, I wanted to provide hope.

I got way more than I bargained for.

As an Oncology Nurse for just over a decade, I have had the privilege of walking with people through the most difficult days of their life - hearing about dreams, desires, regrets. Supporting them, loving them, empowering them - providing them hope of a brighter tomorrow.  This is beautiful work, deep work, important work, joy-filled work; work that holds both the lightest and darkest experiencing within a person.


And, I know I wanted more.

More impact.

More empowerment.

More healing.

More truth.

And I believe that you want that to.

You’ve stumbled on this page for a reason...I believe that nothing in the Universe happens by accident, and that you are meant to be here.

You want more Soul + more Strategy + more life in your business so that you can really create that ripple effect of impact without burning yourself out.

You want clarity, simplicity, focused intention, ease and an inner sense of knowing that what you are working on is fueling your passion, living your purpose and increasing your profit.

You’ve come to the right place -


Because sister, we don’t have to struggle through life and business.


My mission each and everyday is to help you pull the wisdom from within you and utilize that in the most intentional way possible so that, you can bravely step into the world with your work - because the world needs more of the work that you offer - and only you can do it in the way that you do.

Looking forward to walking with you together,

xo, Jess

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The Conscious Coaching Collective has a beautiful coaching certification program that is rooted in authenticity, integrity, and inspired learning. While you are learning about and practicing the most important foundational skills of coaching, you are also engaging in self-reflection and curiosity to become aware of our lens and ensure that we are participating in growth-fostering relationships with our client. It is a unique, small-group experience where you feel like you are being attended to in all aspects of personal growth as a coach, so you can inspire your clients in similar ways. I am SO honoured to be a graduate!